Unlike most other tent producers we provide a combination of different materials and colors, the difference lays mostly in the weight versus the durability and price.

We also provide information about the life expectancy of each material, so you can decide what material suits you best.

The Semi-permanent material colors fade after extended use under the sun, so for longer durability either place them in the shade or try not to keep them for extended periods under the sun. Our materials don’t mold, and hold excellently under wind loads and rain.

Besides the colors shown below there may be other colors available, and some colors may not be in stock, if you want to know if a specific color is available please inquire by emailing as at


Thick Polyester with Polyurethane (PU) waterproof coating.

UV and anti-mold treated.

Approximate Life expectancy when place under the sun continually. 30 Months

Immediately available


100% dyed Acrylic Sauleda Marine or equivalent for maximum durability.

Recommended as an alternative for housing, retreats, hotels and can be placed in the same place for a long period of time.

Very fresh even under the hot sun, fire retardant and mold proof.

This material breathes by default, we apply a transparent layer of liquid vinyl to prevent any water from entering through the roof, if you prefer we can avoid this process, just let us know.

Approximate Life expectancy when placed continually under the sun is more than 10 years as guaranteed by Sauleda fabrics to not lose color for that period of time. Can last a lot longer under partial shaded.

For more information and additional colors for Sauleda fabrics

Immediately available

Available upon request