Glamping Tent Maintenance

Sun & Ultraviolet Rays

UV light is one of the most damaging elements for your shelter. Though shelters are often used in the sun, extended and prolonged exposure will cause fabric to fade, lose strength, and eventually tear. The effects occur more rapidly at higher elevations. If possible, pitch your tent or shelter out of direct sunlight. UV damage is not covered by the warranty.
If you plan to keep your Gome placed for extended periods we recommend you purchase our permanent material line, which is made with marine quality fabrics and guarantees at least 10 years in maintaining color.

Seam Sealing

Superior fabrics and construction make Nomadix gear’s shelters extremely waterproof. If any problems develop, simply seam seal only the specific area using our seam sealer or any vynil sealer. You can also request a seam sealer kit by writing to us at


Never pack or store your tent if it is wet/damp or dirty.  However, our materials don’t mold, but humidity may damage the fabric if kept wet for extend periods.

Don’t store in a wet place or in the direct sunlight. When travelling beware of sharp objects that may perforate the Gome.