Warranty and Repairs



We seek to provide the highest quality tents, most of our products are custom made for orders.
All our products go through a quality check, if by chance there is a substantial manufacture defect we will assume the responsibility for the repair.

Warranty for Superlight and Semi Permanent Gomes
We offer a 3 month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Warranty for Permanent Gomes
We offer a 1 year warranty against defects in materials and worksmanship.

The warranty doesn’t cover minor waterproofing issues, as they are usually a consequence of improper setup. Please follow carefully the instructions of the Manual to make sure you are placing the Game properly.
The warranty doesn’t cover damage that may occur by wear and tear or adverse weather conditions, flooding, improper setup or any other damage that may occur during use of the Gome.

Warranty for Poles
We offer a 1 year warranty against defects in materials and worksmanship.
Our pole are made of stainless steal, so they would be hard to break, however make sure to keep the mud and dirt free and they should last a lifetime.



If you had the bad luck of some piece of the Gome being broken you can send it to us and we will be glad to fix it for you.
Since repairs situation may vary either let us know what is the damage made, send us a photo of it, and we can give you an estimate for the repair.
Take into consideration that we sell individual parts for each Gome, so you may choose to just replace that part which may be cheaper than shipping the product back and forth.
If you choose to take the repair into your own hands, you can ask us for patching or material replacing that we can send to you at a reasonable price.

Sending Repairs

Please let us know before you plan to send the repair to sales@nomadixgear.com

Ship to

Los Campos #6
Xico, Veracruz,
Mexico 91240