Nomadixgearis a family-owned company based in the small town of Xico in the state of Veracruz in the country of Mexico.
We strive to continuously perfect our products by testing them in real world situations.
We live in our Gomes and have found them to be a great alternative to large tents, Tipis and Yurts in which we have lived in previously.
We follow a policy of social responsibility by subcontracting our manufacturing to small family businesses based in the town of Xico, we pay highly competitive wages and in this manner support the local economy which in turn keeps people from immigrating to other countries..

Designer/CEO / Founder

Kareen Kohn, founder of NGO Nomads United, has been traveling the world, crossing several countries on horseback since 1998. After experimenting with many commercial tents, and using them in different conditions, he was faced with the necessity of creating a durable, waterproof, practical and light shelter, that can allow him to live comfortably in nature. After many tests in the roughest conditions he finally invented the Gome. The ultimate portable shelter.

Jairo ROdriguez

Jairo is a Rainbow Gathering fan and has attended dozens of gatherings and spent many months of camping in all kind of climates, he has owned and lived in a Tipi, has built and lived in Earthships and currently runs an organic farm with his family in the area of Xico.